Who We Are
    CTT began operations in 1995 as a company specializing in communications solutions for business and industry. The company's solutions portfolio includes both traditional telephony and internet based communications. Extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of 3Com, NBX, Meridian Northstar, Panasonic, and ESI phone systems provides assurance to you that your system will be properly installed and maintained.

    Current services include internet web site design and hosting, internet service both dial-up and dedicated, at bandwidths to T-1, and installation/maintenance of multiple station phone systems. Wiring experience includes fiber optic line runs, Cat-5 twisted pair, coaxial, and traditional two-pair phone line.

    CTT maintains experienced staff proficient in all of the necessary skills to provide you with dependable communications services. From initial wiring through final hook-up, CTT has the experience and know how to provide the best in data and communications networks.
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