Powerful— but friendly

Each ESI E-Class phone system says, “Good morning.” It teaches you how to use and program it. It reminds you to change your personal greeting after a trip. And it stands by, ready to assist you whenever you need help. There are several different models of ESI Feature Phones; each is a compact, attractive addition to any desk, designed to simplify your telecommunications. Here are just two examples:
  • The display is large and easy to read.
  • The dedicated function keys (so you don’t have to memorize codes) give you more ease of use, even with the enhanced capabilities of an ESI E-Class system.
And each ESI IP Feature Phone works with either IP E-Class or properly equipped IVX E-Class systems, making it simple for an IVX E-Class system to migrate to an IP E-Class system if you desire.

ESI Class E Phone System

Loaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented E-Class All-In-One Phone Systems — IP 200e, IP 40e, IVX 128e and IVX 72e — give your business the power to present your most professional side to your customers.

Big features; big capacities

Each E-Class phone system combines multiple first-rate, feature-rich systems into one tightly integrated unit:
  • Business phone system
  • Voice mail
  • Automated attendant
  • Messages-on-hold
  • Enhanced Caller ID**
  • Automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • Optional Esi-Mailル unified messaging
  • Network-based
  • VoIP telephony*
Expandable - It grows with your business

And, depending on the system and configuration you select with the help of your ESI Reseller, an E-Class system can handle the communications needs of bigger organizations:
  • Up to 96 stations
  • Up to 66 CO lines
  • T1 support — Up to 48 T1 lines
  • Up to 280 hours of voice message storage
  • More sophisticated voice mail features
  • Automated attendant has six levels,
    100 branches
  • TAPI support
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